Published on December 24, 2020

I have created a page for investors looking for additional resources. You can access the page from the menu bar at the top right of the main page or here.

I will provide as many reference materials here as possible so new investors do not need to recreate the wheel in their own journeys.  You have seen much of the media in posts already. It serves as a knowledge base for my own investing. 

Many readers will recognize some of the resources but maybe not all the books, websites and podcasts.  Hopefully, you find a book covering an area of investing you want to improve or a podcast that piques your interest.  Explore that rabbit hole!

Please email me at with ideas and suggestions.  I want to make the page useful for the community at large and a place to return to.  It is a living breathing thing so check back for regular updates!

To your investing adventure,

The Castaway Capitalist

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